I got the opportunity to purchase a lightly used kin last weekend from a lady near Christina Lake. My husband found it listed on Craigslist— a Skutt KM1227 —and the price seemed pretty good, so we arranged to examine it Friday. It wasn’t hard to decide to buy it as it included a lot of extras.

It has almost twice the internal volume of my ‘old’KM1027 kiln and I can remember how big it seemed when I first got it home.

200206 001

My ‘old’ KM1027 when it was brand new seemed huge.

We returned Monday morning to complete the deal and load everything into our truck — at least we thought it would all fit. Luckily we asked our daughter and son-in-law to drive over and help with the move because we filled the truck and the back of their SUV with stuff. Here are a few photos of the move – click on a photo to enlarge.

We did discover a problem with one element and it will need to be replaced, however the whole kiln is in such great shape that it is only a minor problem which is an easy fix. The old kiln has already been purchased by a friend of mine so later this month we should have the repairs done, the old kiln moved out and the new one installed.

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