Happy New Year

It’s January 1, 2017 and I’m already thinking about what I want to make. I get all these ideas going around in my head, and then I have to try and see if they work the way I think they should. The past few days I’ve been puttering around in my studio doing a bit of cleaning and some throwing.


I enjoy making tumblers/yunomies when I just want to warm up or play with shapes. I saw some pots online that were striped and i liked the look so i’ve painted red stripes on the one cup. The rest are basic cups, some with finger pinches to make them easier to hold.


The 2 outside heart bowls are small and shallow and the middle one is deeper.

Valentines Day is 6 weeks away so I’m thinking what can I make. I have fun making heart brooches, magnets and small dishes. I thought I’d try doing some larger heart bowls, so I’ve made one so far. I’m also thinking I can use reds in my glazing or decorating.