Saturday of the Long Weekend

Today was one of those days where we knew we wanted to do something but couldn’t decide what. So we decided that going out for lunch was a good idea and we headed to the Castlegar Golf Club where I found out they have good gluten free choices. After an excellent lunch we decided to drive to Deer Park to see how easy it is to launch a boat as we wanted to get into the Arrow Lakes further north than Syringa. It was a bumpy drive over gravel but what beautiful views. On the way home through Castlegar we stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream and that was when I discovered “Unwind” a new yarn store in Castlegar. While shopping I noticed that she had a couple of yarn bowls and clay buttons, so ended up giving her my card so she could check out my pottery. As a result I told her I’d post some photos of my buttons and some of my mugs, as she thought mugs might sell well also. So here are my buttons and some of the mugs I have at home. And by the way, she has great yarn so if you’re a knitter check out her store in the Mall/shopping centre that has Dairy Queen in Castlegar.




Clay Buttons


Clay buttons




Mugs and heart dishes

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