Butter Dishes


Butter Crock


The butter goes in the left hand piece.


Lidded butter dish



Domed butter dish

Which do you prefer?

4 thoughts on “Butter Dishes

      • Hey Fran, I am in medicine hat (I am one of meg’s friends). I am in no hurry but I am hoping to get another teapot one day as well as a French butter dish and a couple mugs. Do you ever do yellow or orange glazes? Kristen


      • Hi Kristen, I have access to a really nice warm yellow glaze and I could do an orange maybe, I’m just trying out some new ones, one is really a true bright orange and one is a burnt orange. but haven’t fired them yet to see how they will look. How big a tea pot do you want?, That is how many cups (measured cups) would you want it to hold. I will do a post on my web page showing the yellow as I have a couple of pieces with it on. Also, how big do you want the mugs, again, using a measuring cup, as I do mugs that hold from 1 cup up to 2 cups. Fran


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