6 Weeks of Self Isolation

It’s  a  beautiful sunny morning  and the trees are now turning green with  their new leaves. The past 6  weeks have been “interesting”.  The  first weeks I decided it was a good time to clean my  “studio”,  which I did, although it’s always an ongoing project. My  goal of 20  mugs a month has fallen  by the  wayside as  I decided I needed to conserve my clay or I would run out. I’ve used the time to try some new techniques which are now loaded in the kiln for their first firing. The outcomes of new techniques is a process that sometimes needs to go through several firings. With the warmer weather, I’m looking at taking my kiln shelves outside to grind, spraying glazes on my pots, scrubbing out some empty buckets, washing my tools, larger bats and equipment, and more. My kiln is just about full with a bisque firing, which I hope to do in the next few days, I just have a couple of pieces that I’m waiting for to dry to finish loading the kiln.


Playing with slip trailing and underglaze.


Trying some plaques.


Slip, underglaze and slip trailing.


New pieces.


Cassarole dish, just about dry.


Kiln is just about full.

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