Pottery Vacation!

It’s fun to rediscover my pottery when visiting my family. On a trip to the coast to celebrate my sister’s and her husband’s 50th anniversary I was “excited” to discover many pieces of my pottery. At the celebration, my nephew and his wife served many of the appetizers in my pottery. On a visit to my niece’s and brother- in-law’s, when served tea, Michelle said, “I would serve it in your mugs but they are already in the dishwasher. And while at my daughter’s I had fun wandering around her condo finding the many pieces she has.

Almost all of these pieces have been give as gifts because they were old stock that didn’t sell or had a minor flaw that I decided I would not sell, but now when I look at them I am amazed at how well they look in everyday use.

I’m Looking Back

I love being a potter and last night I was going back through the hundreds of photos I have taken of my work. I started to look at some of the pots I made around 10 years ago when I first moved back to Trail and I thought I’d share a few with you.

The kiln is half loaded with a bisque firing so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I have new pieces to show.  I’m working towards our Annual Pottery Show at VISAC Gallery and towards our annual “Shop Local” event at Cornerstone.


A glaze combination that worked well together, but doesn’t work anymore.


Another glaze combination I like that I haven’t used for a long time.


Love the tea set.


Making a rectangle pot is always a challenge.


I love the shape of this pot and the way the glaze looks.


Christmas Ornaments

I have been working on Christmas Tree Ornaments. Yesterday I got them all out and sorted them and started adding ‘string’ to the ones which still needed string. I will have some of these ornaments at the ‘1st Annual Pottery Sale’ next week.


All of the ornaments spread out so I can see which ones work.




Bike ornaments.


Bear Ornaments


Shapes with bike impressions.


Tree ornaments.


More tree ornaments.

Glazing, Glazing, Glazing……

I’ve started loading my kiln with a glaze load. I always try and make the best use of the space so usually have small pieces to fill in small spaces. These small pieces are usually hearts and maple leaves for brooches and bears and trees for Christmas decorations. Glazing all these small pieces is also very time consuming. I usually like to have some large pieces for each shelf, but this load has more mugs cups and smaller pieces.


Glazed and ready to fire.


Some of the booches I make.


Glazed and ready to fire.

Shop Local at Cornerstone Cafe Saturday

With 1 day until our  “Shop Local’ Market”, I’ve started to sort and organize my pottery trying to decide what to pack.  I’m going to take my selection of dark blue (Colbalt Blue) pottery. Here are some examples of what will be on sale Saturday, Oct 14 at the Cornerstone Cafe in Warfield. Hours 10am – 4 pmIMG_1967